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How to hang a mirror safely

HOKO mirrors are a perfect design tool to make a room look more interesting. However, the way in which a wall mirror is hung also influences the effect of the mirror in the room.

Hanging a mirror securely is important. Correctly mounting the mirror on the wall prevents the mirror from falling and thus avoidable damage to people and the environment.

Aside from safety, there are other reasons why a mirror should be installed correctly. Firstly, a beautiful wall mirror gives any room a touch of elegance and a well-placed wall mirror makes even small rooms appear cozier and larger. In addition, mirrors reflect light, making the room appear warmer and brighter.

Here we will show you how to hang a large or small wall mirror safely, so that not only the impressive look but also safety is guaranteed. At the end of this article you will know how you can “certainly” enhance your home with a beautiful HOKO design mirror.

How to choose the appropriate mounting option

Correct installation plays an important role in hanging your wall mirror safely and stably. The following must be taken into account:

The weight of the mirror

Heavy, large wall mirrors require stronger hanging solutions. The suspension that matches the weight of the wall mirror is already attached to the back of our HOKO mirrors.

The condition of the wall at the hanging point

Walls made of brick, drywall, concrete or wood each require different hanging methods. It is important to ensure that the screws and anchors are suitable for the existing wall type. If you are unsure, please be sure to ask a specialist.

The mounting accessories

The mounting accessories (screws and dowels) included with our HOKO mirrors are intended exclusively for solid masonry (bricks). If you have drywall, concrete or wooden walls, or if you are unsure about the type of wall, please ask a specialist about the appropriate mounting material.

Professional help

If you have a large or heavy mirror, it is helpful to assemble it with the assistance of another person. If you are unsure, it is advisable to hire a professional craftsman who can assess your specific wall situation and recommend the best hanging method or carry out the installation.

With LED illuminated wall mirrors, it should be noted that the electrical installation must be carried out by a specialist.

Required tools and supplies

To successfully hang a mirror, the first step is to gather the necessary tools and supplies. Here's a breakdown of what you'll need:

Required tools and supplies

  • Tape measure / meter stick : For precise measuring and placement.
  • Beam/metal finder : For locating beams, metal beams or hidden wall cables.
  • Spirit level : This is how you ensure that the wall mirror is installed horizontally.
  • Pencil : For marking the drill holes on the wall.
  • Screwdriver : To fasten the screws.
  • Drill : Use for drilling depending on the type of wall.
  • Hammer : To gently tap in the wall anchors.
  • Optional : Additional mounting material / suitable dowels and screws suitable for your wall type.


    Before you begin assembling your mirror:

    • Make space in front of the wall where you want to hang the mirror and put dressers etc. aside.
    • Place a woolen blanket or something similar on the floor and place the mirror on the woolen blanket on the planned wall. This protects both your floor and the wall mirror.

    Execution of wall mounting

    For solid masonry, use the included mounting accessories. For other wall types, please ask a specialist about suitable dowels and screws.

    1. Mark the locations for the drill holes on the wall
    2. Insert the wall dowels into the drill holes. If necessary, tap it lightly with a hammer against the wall.
    3. Insert the screws into the dowels and screw them in with a screwdriver.

    Hang the mirror

    Hanging large and heavy mirrors is best and safest if you plan this together with another person.

    Hang the mirror carefully, holding it sideways with both hands, into the previously inserted screws. Don't let go of the mirror yet. Make sure the mirror is firmly and securely hooked into the screws (by continuing to hold the mirror securely with both hands).

    On some mirror models there is a foam strip on the back of the mirror to protect your wall. Make sure that the mirror is attached to the screws in the metal suspension. The foam protective strip only has a protective function and cannot support the weight of the mirror.

    After ensuring the correct suspension, you can let go of the mirror, take a few steps back and enjoy. You did it :-)

    Please note: Due to the electrical installation, LED illuminated wall mirrors must only be carried out by a specialist.

    To ensure you enjoy your beautiful HOKO mirror for a long time, clean it with a soft, lint-free cloth. Every now and then check that the mirror is firmly attached to the wall.