So-installieren-Sie-einen-LED-Spiegel-an-der-Wand-in-Ihrem-Badezimmer - HOKO-Style

How to install an LED mirror on the wall in your bathroom

Have you found your perfect HOKO-style bathroom mirror? Fine! We'll show you what you should pay attention to when installing it in your bathroom.
Important: Please only have the electrical installation of your mirror carried out by a specialist!

What should you pay attention to when installing your bathroom mirror?

Please read the assembly instructions carefully.
Disconnect the power/turn off the fuse for the room in your fuse box before you begin.
Make sure the wall can support the weight of the mirror. The mounting material included with your HOKO-style mirror is only intended for mounting on solid masonry. For drywall, concrete or other walls, please consult a specialist about the appropriate fastening material.

These tools / aids are needed

  • drilling machine
  • screwdriver
  • hammer
  • Spirit level and pencil
  • Optional: Additional mounting material / suitable dowels and screws suitable for your wall type.
  1. drill the hole and insert the anchors and screws

Attach a mirror with a hanging rail to the wall

  1. Make sure that there are no water/electricity pipes or other installations under plaster or under the tiles at the installation site.
  2. Open the box and ensure all parts listed are present.
  3. Please do not remove the protective film on the mirror until the installation is complete.
  4. Mark the drilling locations on your wall. Use a ruler and level to make sure the marks are level.
  5. Use the drill to drill holes at the marked locations. Insert the dowels into the drill holes. Attach the hanging rail to the wall with the screws.
  6. Connect the LN cable of the mirror to the LN cable on the wall via the plastic junction box. (Please only have electrical installations carried out by a specialist)
  7. Hold the mirror with both hands and carefully hang it on the hanging rail. Make sure the mirror is firmly and securely hooked into the screws (by continuing to hold the mirror securely with both hands).